Saturday, 14 January 2012

Yellow & Brown look

This was a really different look for me as I don't usually find yellows suit me.  I actually did this twice because the first time the yellow looked really muddy.  I think my skin color and the yellow just don't get a long.  The second time around I used NYX milk on the lower lid then applied the yellow and it looked much better.

 Eyes: Detrivore primer, NYX Milk applied to lower lid.

Miniature Sun (from the upcoming DarlingGrrl! collection) on lower lid

Black Rose Minerals - Minky crease

Shy Violet - Inner eye, from tear duct area and swept upward to brow bone.  You can kind of see it in the above photo.  The sparkly blue is Shy Violet.

Liner: Upper lash line - Random Black Liner with Rise Above layered over it.

lower lash line same black liner with Shy Violet over it.

Face: 50/50 mix of Lucy Minerals in Medium and Silica

Cheeks: She-Bop

Lips: Oh My Darling (Will be released at the end of the month.)

Don't know why I have the *pout face* :P

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