Saturday, 14 January 2012

My favorite makeup brushes!

I have a couple of facebook pages that I frequent and it seems that a question that is asked a lot is regarding makeup brushes.  Which ones to use?  What are decent but inexpensive? So I thought I would share what brushes I couldn't live with out.  This is just my opinion and what I have found that works for me.  Keep in mind I am a cheapskate. :P

Top row: Abbamart flat edge eye liner brush

Second row:  cheapie elf blending brush

Third Row Forever Female Ultimate flat top buffer

Fourth row: Forever female Ultimate Angled eye shadow brush

5th Row:  EcoTools

Tiny brush on the right: AbbaMart

Far right: Fibre Optic blush brush

Abbamart Flat Eye Defining Brush Retail $3.00

This is my favorite eye liner brush because I can get the thinnest line with this brush and with the little lid space I have a think line is what I am looking for most of the time.  Plus at $3.00, what a steal?

Another view so you can see how thin the brush head is.

ELF Blending Brush Retail $1.00

My cheapie ELF brush is a must have for blending for me and at a buck I always have a few back ups.  I've tried other blending brushes but honestly this one works just as well.

Ultimate Flat Top Buffer Retail $23.95

I love this brush because it's big and dense and covers a lot of space at once.  I have seen other places sell these other than Forever Female, but that is where I purchases them.  A little spendy but they have held up beautifully and I have had them for a couple of years now.

Ultimate Angled Eye Shadow Brush Retail $11.95

I love this brush because of the synthetic bristle and how densely they are packed together.  I don't seem to get as much 'powder cloud' when I use this and it tends to eat less of my shadows.

EcoTool Eye Shading Brush Retail $4.99

This brush I use for all my potted bases.  I couldn't find the exact brush online, but I think this may actually be a concealer brush.  Somehow the bristles on this brush just work really well with my Watercolor Paint Pots and my ELF cream shadows.

Abbamart Mini Precision Crease Brush Retail $2.50

This little brush was a god send for me.  I have hooded lids and most of the precision brush heads are too big for me plus the short handle is a plus for me because I am blind as a bat and with the short handle I can get really close to the mirror so I can see what the heck I am doing. :P

Unfortunately I don't remember where I got this brush at. :S

For the life of me I can't remember where I got this brush, but I know it was under $3.00 and the quality is crap, but I still love it.  I can apply any blush no matter how pigmented with this brush.  I was sad to find out when I washed it today that the handle is starting to crack.  I am not sure how much longer it will last, but I've had it for about 3 years now.  I guess I will have to hunt for a suitable replacement soon.

What are you go to makeup brushes?

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